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Training Resources

We have found some useful training resources that you can incorporate into training plans, inductions, supervision plans etc.

See the links below and we hope they are helpful!

Dignity in care videos.

It is helpful to see good practice to enable learning. These videos are all between 7-17 minutes in length and give a powerful insight into how it feels to received care, and some of important things to thing about if you are working in a caring role. Click here for the link. (Videos from YouTube are downloadable, so this content could be embedded in your training plans.)

NHS England has teamed up with different NHS trusts and Focus games to bring some online and board games around healthcare related subjects. Encourage your staff to test their knowledge. Click on each game below for a link to the game.

NHS Birmingham Community Healthcare created a workbook for staff around pressure area care. This is a helpful resource that is downloadable. It is 3 years old but the content is sound. Click here to download.

E learning can be a really helpful resource for care staff. The social care institute for excellence produces e-learning resources that frontline care staff can use for free for learning and development. Click here for a link to their page.