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Specialist Training


We can deliver training in many specialist subjects additional to what you see below. We can plan classroom type training for a group of carers, or 1-1 training with your individual carers if you prefer.


If you need an individual package of training developed around your specific needs speak to us, we may be able to help!



A tracheostomy tube is sometimes required to allow a person to breathe when they have an underlying condition that affects the respiratory system. This training course gives an insight into the following areas:

- The anatomy of the respiratory system and 'normal breathing'.

- Why someone might need a tracheostomy tube.

- How to care for a Tracheostomy site.

- Different types of tracheostomy tube.

- Suction of a tracheostomy tube.

- Humidification.

- How to change a tracheostomy tube.

- Emergency support.

This course runs for approximately 3.5 hours.

From £50 per person.

Competency sign off is available. See page for details.



Some people use nebulisers to maintain their breathing and encourage movement and clearance of secretions. This training course covers the following areas:

- Why someone might use a nebuliser.

- How to set up a nebuliser and compressor.

- How the nebuliser works.

- What to look for when using a nebuliser.

From £25 per person.

Competency sign off is available. See page for details.

Care of someone with a Tracheostomy Tube

Using a Nebuliser