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By clareflynn, Aug 14 2017 03:56PM

Here at Brightening Minds we spend time with managers in the adult health and social care sector who want to provide great leadership and direction to their valued employees. Their aim is to provide excellent care to people they support. Conversation often turns to how difficult it can be to keep up to date with all the information 'out there' to support providers across the domiciliary, residential and nursing sector to deliver good and outstanding services to their customers. It seems that the combination of having an awareness about currently available resources and limited time to immerse yourself in even one or two of these useful and essential documents, whilst knowing these are directly relevant to your service delivery, can result in a sense of being overwhelmed, feeling anxious and often isolated and lonely in your job role. It is a constant nag in your mind that can sap your energy.

These feelings are certainly not ones that result in us behaving as confident and effective leaders of our services, the type of leader that we would want to be for our well thought of staff teams who want to be effectively supported by their managers to be the best they can be.

We gave some thought to this at Brightening Minds and came up with a solution that we believe will go some way to address this challenge faced by many managers. We consulted with providers across the sector about what would be a useful way to support them to be effective managers, with increased confidence in what they say and do is informed by up to date research, legislation, current guidance and good practice, that they can easily apply with their staff teams when delivering their service every single day.

Brightening Minds Resource Bank was born. Our people at Brightening Minds act as a sector filter, identifying resources, signposting their relevance and explaining how current resources may be applied to services to ensure compliance. More than that, this enables you to be the confident and effective provider you want to be. Brightening Minds Resource Bank will save managers time; time being one of the most precious commodities when being responsible for service delivery in a rewarding yet challenging sector.

The Resource Bank forum enables managers to share tricky and challenging issues with each other and all of us at Brightening Minds. This will give us the opportunity to co ordinate working together, for the benefit of the whole sector through the sharing of operational expertise to find realistic solutions that are practical and maybe even innovative!

Brightening Minds Resource Bank aims to support managers to deliver effective and quality leadership to their staff teams, resulting in their employees feeling well supported and enjoying job satisfaction in their health and social care role. In turn a team that functions effectively will deliver the highest quality care with the greatest and most positive impact for the people they care for. How could CQC not want to celebrate that with you?

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