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Competence; 'the ability to do something successfully or efficiently'

If you need your carers to be deemed competent in a specialist care subject area this is something that we can support you with.

We will train your carers until we deem them competent and then for a small monthly retention fee we will review their competence over the year.


We offer training to competency level in care areas including;

- Gastrostomy Care

- Jejunostomy Care

- Tracheostomy Care

- Use of Ventilation

- Administration of medication

- Suction


Deeming Carers Competent



This is often dependent on your insurer or insurance product, in conjunction with the recommendations of health professionals involved in your care. Some insurers require evidence that carers have received training in the specific area of care, whereas some may insist that carers can evidence competency in this element of care delivery. If in doubt discuss with you Insurer and your relevant healthcare professional for advice.

Brightening Minds only offer competency sign off in skills that can be practiced or demonstrated as part of the sign off process. If we cannot observe carers performing a specfic skill the we would expect to deliver awareness training only.

How do you know if your carers need to be deemed competent?



Competence; 'the ability to do something successfully or efficiently'