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Gastrostomy care training

Tracheostomy care training

moving and handling training

person centred planning training, personalisation.

safe administration of medication training.

safer manual handling

North Yorkshire, Harrogate, Leeds, Bradford, Otley, Northallerton, selby, Ryedale.

Direct payments staff, care homes training, carer training.

About us

Brightening Minds is based in North Yorkshire and run by a team with significant experience in Health and Social Care, and a background in delivering care to individuals with complex needs. All of our trainers continue to update their knowledge and skills through a combination of practicing care delivery and attending regular training and updates.  This means our knowledge is current, evidence based, and that we are continually developing and seeking better ways to deliver care and to share learning with others.


At Brightening Minds Training we are:

- Brave enough to balance quality of life with managing risk. We are creative and innovative, and we believe in making the most of every opportunity.

- Mindful. We think about what excellent customer service looks like and what our customers want and need from our service; we listen and we respond.

- Trustworthy. We build honest and open relationships to ensure you get the best from our service.


Dedicated to ensuring well informed nurses and carers are delivering the highest quality care, Brightening Minds can support in quality assurance of care delivered or received and in working with care staff to improve performance around care standards.


Working with care homes, care providers in the community, and individual employers across Yorkshire we can offer training and provide a venue in which to deliver this, or deliver training on site on your premises or in your home.


We believe that training should be entertaining, interesting, and relevant; on a course with us you will laugh, learn, and hopefully be inspired to learn more! Have you picked up the phone to talk to us yet?


T: 01423 561119